The Moroccan Bites Tagine Story

Learn about our family restaurant

After surviving Hurricane Katrina and moving to Texas, we opened Moroccan Bites Tagine in San Antonio and had two goals in mind—to bring authentic Moroccan cuisine to our community, and to teach others about the wonderful country of Morocco. Over 10 years later, Moroccan Bites Tagine still holds those same values to heart.

We serve homemade Moroccan food, made with organic fruits and vegetables and Halal meat. Visit Moroccan Bites Tagine today to learn more about our restaurant and try our delicious food. You can make a lunch or dinner reservation now.

3 reasons to choose Morocco for your next vacation

Morocco is a beautiful country that would make an excellent destination for your next trip abroad. Here’s why:

  1. Morocco’s tourism market is currently expanding, so there will be plenty of resources and package deals for those looking to sightsee.
  2. Moroccan food is a combination of Spanish and Arabic cuisine. By visiting Morocco, you’ll be able to experience this blend in a thousand different ways.
  3. Morocco is a safe, tourist-friendly country known for its hospitality and vibrant nightlife. Whether you want to relax in the sun or hit an exclusive club, you’ll enjoy every moment of your visit.

Call 210-706-9700 today to learn more about Moroccan culture. You can ask our founders about their travels at any time. But first, visit Moroccan Bites Tagine to try some of the authentic dishes served in Morocco.