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I love this place! The decor is fascinating, the food is wonderful, and the owners are intelligent and friendly women who recognize you when you return. They make the best mint tea I have ever had, and I have had a lot over more than 50 years! I most often order the merguez or the chicken ravine. When it is hot out, their Moroccan chicken salad is my ideal light meal!

Edna Sullivan

I love this place so much. The food is amazing and the people are so friendly. I took my wife there. She's never had Moroccan food and we cleaned our plates. The food is light and not overly filling. I would eat here every day if I could.

darryl castellano

Really great food. Love their soups and bread. Their meat combo plate gives you a good sampling of chicken, lamb, and a mixed meat item (I forget what it's called). Try either the mint tea or Arabic coffee. I sometimes have both and reserve the coffee for the end... they have numerous desserts (love the walnut baklava with Arabic coffee).The Harissa hot sauce costs extra, but is tasty and brightens some of the dishes. It's not overly hot. Also recommend choosing the lentils for the side dish. I'm also a fan of their hummus... it's whole chick peas not ground. And if you order the pistelle ( chicken in pastry) it takes a bit longer - also it is sweet. Very interesting and good too.